Series problems with layout

Every single screen looks like this at the top of the screen. When I try to open a support ticket there is no selection for this issue so I can’t even open a ticket. Adalo, what is going on? Look at the very top and everything is doubled. Its on a iPhone 14 and on my 15 as well

Yep I see the same issue.

Don’t worry too much about the perfect selection in their tickets dropdown. Just get one off to them. I’ll do the same.

What phone are you using?

It’s across the board, from the update that was pushed yesterday with new preview layout. It will get fixed.

Yeah that’s what I was hoping the problem was. I opened a ticket as well. So have you heard this from anyone: Couple weeks ago I emailed Katelyn (that works here at Adalo) and she was telling me that they will be phasing out the Native Apps and going with the Responsive Apps only. She stated that they will continue to to support those Apps for now but will not be building out new components for them and slow they may start producing more and more errors. Have you heard anything from anyone about all this?

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