Restore Purchase?

Hello, apple mandatory a RESTORE PURCHASE function for all IAP purchases. See Apple Developer Documentation

How to do that with the new IAP Component? This function is critical to get apps approved for AppStore.


They haven’t made this yet.

I have the same issue

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I’ll make sure it’ll be looked into. Did you create the iap as a consumable or non consumable?

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non consumable is how I created it.

while i look into it, could you try resubmitting with an iap that is of type ‘consumable’?

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sure can. But right now Apple has had my app “In Review” for 6 hours. I made changes in the flow to see if I could get them to approve it. I guess it had to be escalated or something. Once they are done, I’ll change it.


The App Review process takes up to 24 hours.

Hello Mr Elkhayami, your labs’ work on IAP is brilliant and I must commend you for working with Adalo to make apps much more powerful :trophy: :trophy: :raised_hands: You guys might’ve just saved many makers startups and given others hope!!

I had one curiosity about whether there was ever a way to achieve anything close to dynamic pricing for IAP’s? For instance, if we had a marketplace where creators sell content/videos at any price they set, - to users of our apps. Would there be a way for an IAP to pickup those amounts, or any amount in the pricing templates close to that amount… lets say one creator wishes to sell a one-off custom video for $50US, but another wants to sell theirs for $29US (lets take the cameo app for example), could there be a way to list all tiers/pricing templates $1, $2, $3, $4, $5,$6, $10 --all the way up to $500US , where the desired purchase price (eg $29 instead of $50) could dynamically be pulled in and used for an IAP charge? I know its not as simple as stripe where we can pick dynamic amounts via magic text and pull those numbers into the payment portal. The whole setting of templates/tiers(on Apple Dev/Google Dev )for each product ID makes it seem like its not viable to do so. But I wondered if this is at all remotely possible in your opinion? or if any one who sees this post might know of any way around such a tricky situation?

thanks for your time and awesome contribution towards improving the livelihoods(earning potential) of all Adalo makers. God bless :pray: :raised_hands:

thanks @oceanman, please report back in this thread with the results :slight_smile:

hey @sasha thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

i don’t think it’s possible to have a dynamic price a la stripe. Even within appstore connect it’s not possible to put in an arbitrary amount, you have to select a price from the dropdown apple provides.

So i think the only way to do this is creating your own list of iap products in google play / app store connect and dynamically pass in the SKU number via magic text. You could set up an adalo database ‘products’ that is just a list of all of the possible prices with each row having the google SKU and the apple SKU. As you said, you will have quite some manual work to do to set this up one by one.

But for your example, i actually don’t think you need this custom component, you might just be able to use stripe (and dodge the 30% & 15% google apple tax). You’ll have to doublecheck the guidelines, but i don’t think a marketplace falls under ‘unlocking digital content’ since its something that might be created outside of the app.

@oceanman @pushingpandas

I did some digging, and i’m fairly certain you’ll get your app approved if you change the IAP type to be Consumable instead of Non-Consumable or Non-Renewing Subscription.

This might not exactly be the best fit for the type of IAP you provide in the app, but it might be a workaround for the short term. This gives us a bit of time to work on a flow for restoring purchases and pushing an update.

Of course, the app might still get rejected, if the reviewer disagrees that the IAP type does not fit in the way that it is presented. I’ll keep you guys posted on any updates on the restoration flow.


I can definitely modify how we offer what we offer to make it “consumable,” so I’ll work on making those changes and then submit it.

Hello brother,

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to respond to my question. Your advice really lifted my spirit and its often very hard to get information when you really need it, so I’ll never be able to repay you for your kindness. Your tips on the database setup for pulling in the SKU’s is something im going to give a shot.

I’m also studying up as hard as I can about the second option( which would really be an ultimate lifesaver if it ever gets approved in an apple review :raised_hands::raised_hands: ).

You’re a rockstar :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Hi, I’m also working on IAP that is non-consumable (non recurring subscription) could you confirm that it is not possible at the moment to actually be approved to the store due to the restore purchase ?


They approved it as a consumable without a restore feature.


Thank you for the update and the great news! Congratulations!
Btw, can you confirm that we cannot preview IAP in Adalo? Is it only available in Testflight?

thanks @oceanman we are working on a restore flow in the meantime :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Sual correct, it is only available in testflight for testing actual payments.

The plugin does come with an option to render the button in the previewer. You can use this to test your success & failure actions without having to build the app.

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Thank you @yelkhayami
Any plan on supporting subscriptions as well?

@Repackaged we’re working on subscriptions right now :slightly_smiling_face: