In-App Purchases is now Live!

Adalo just released the IAP and announced it on Twitter, for those who have been asking for it, go ahead and start integrating it.

PS: It feels strange that it hasn’t been announced to the active community here yet :slight_smile:


There is something happening! :eyes:


Great advancement!
This should lead to more users of our apps following the freemium model

Time to update our apps!

Please add RESTORE PURCHASES function. Otherwise apple wont accept the app.


hey @pushingpandas our app was accepted without this functionality. I’m pretty sure apple only requires that if you have a way in your app that mimics this functionality. They don’t require it but they don’t like it if you have a way of restoring purchases in your app that doesn’t use restore purchases functionality.

having said that, i’m sure adalo will be adding this in the future

Then you were extremely lucky. The mandatory it usually. See their guidelines regarding IAP. Mine was declined due that missing function.

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would you mind giving some more details about how you set up the iap in your app? and what kind of iap you created in appstore connect (consumable vs non comsumable)?

I’ll look into it for you