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I just started using Adalo about 2 weeks ago and am really liking it so far. So, I hit a roadblock and tried everything I could think of, so I figured I would ask the more experienced community. I have a review app (similar to Rate My Professor) where people can submit ratings for users who have not signed up yet (then if the user signs up, they can “claim” that user profile). But, on the other hand, users can sign up without being in the system from having a rating. Basically, what I am trying to figure out is how to make my signup screen (that has a Name, Email and Password fields) do this:

A. If the user puts in their name, email and password, Adalo will search to see if their name and email already exists in the “Users” database (without a password). If they are in the database, then the signup will see this, update their password on their User and sign them in.

B. However, if when signing up, the search does not see their name and email in the database, it will create the user and continue to sign them in. I have tried using “search” fields as the “Name” and “Email” input fields, but have not gotten it to work.

Let me know if this makes sense and if anyone can help let me know which actions I need to attach for the “Signup” button so it will do all this.

Hi @thinkenvy welcome to the forums!

In regards to situation A…

This would be a very insecure system as it would be susceptible to many forms of “attack” and people claiming other profiles that they shouldn’t.

My advice here would be to look at how other web apps that have some sort of “claim account” functionality works and see if you are able to mimic that within Adalo. If you find another method you need help with, reply agian here and I will do my best to help you out with that.


Ok, I was able to figure it out, since the way that sites like “Rate My Professor” do it is they have a message saying that a moderator needs to approve the account, which we will have to do.

However, I am trying to make it so when they see the list, click on their name and then it goes to a new page with their name automatically in the name field, they only have to put in their email and password. However, since their name would already be a user (without an email and password), I am trying to make it so them putting in their email and password only update the current user in the database (that they clicked on) if there is not already an email and password associated with them. But, I cannot seem to get it to work. Every time I try to make it “update” it only creates a new user. Could you please let me know your thoughts? I would love for someone to email me back. I submitted a support ticket but have not heard back. This way, you can look directly at my site backend without publicly putting out my info.

I had a look at the setup of your app and there are quite some suggestions I can make towards solving this but I think it would be beneficial if we jump on a short call so that I understand your requirements fully and then explain how you can achieve them…

Please book a quick 15min call with me here:


Sounds good! Just scheduled the meeting.


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