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I am using the Stripe Subscription component to set up a subscription service for customers of my app. I can get payment to successfully get processed, but I do not have access to the json that stripe returns after a successful payment. I want to access this json to grab the customer ID and store it in my user collection for the logged in user. This will allow me to check with stripe to determine if their subscription is still live when they access the app.

Is there a way to expose this data in the component?

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Unfortunately it’s not possible to get this directly in Adalo for some reason :(. You will have to use external tools like Intergomat/Make to interact with Stripe API directly.


The problem I have with your solution is that the data is there in the Adalo component. It is returned by Stripe in the response object. The Adalo component is simply not exposing this data to be used and then I am told to go and pay another website like Integromat or Zapier for another product to access the data that is already being returned to me that I am not allowed to access.

If the ability to access the data does not currently exist then they need to update the component so that it can be.

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I have shared a way to find a workaround for the functionality which doesn’t exist in Adalo now. It is purely your decision whether to use such workarounds or not; at the moment I am not aware of any ways to get Stripe customer id other than working with Stripe API directly.

If you search on the forum with the keywords “stripe customer id”, you can find some results which might be useful for you. For instance, this post: Cancel subscription stripe with update true/false user. There is a chance that your problem could be solved even without using Integromat.

Would you prefer to submit an idea or feedback about Adalo functionality, you can always do it here:
There is also a support ticket form here Submit a Support Ticket, I believe you can find the appropriate category for your request.

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Check out my replies in this thread:

First, add a text parameter to your user collection and call it “stripe customer id”.
After a user has subscribed, you can send them to a new screen with a countdown timer list of all stripe customers and query it by the user’s email address. Then, you’d be able to update the logged-in user’s “stripe customer id” parameter.

I was able to create the custom action and link the data to the user table. I have not tested yet whether the custom action and the update user action on the same screen will be an issue or not but the next issue is to do a subscription status check. I have a screen to check the current user’s expiration date, and if it has expired I link to a new screen that has a custom action to return the current subscription for the customer based on their customer id. If the subscription has been renewed I want to update the expiration date in the current user. If the subscription has not been renewed, I want to send them back to the signup page.

How can I do this at the screen level?

I have built exactly this! You can get the step-by-step guide on and you can reach out to me for help anytime after purchase to help you with your setup

It’s a guide on how I update a user on subscription update (including expiration date, I used it for a unlimited coffee subscription system) and in the event of subscription cancellation.

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