Stripe: Once and for All

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I’ve offered help on a few posts over the years and I was wondered if someone could help me piece together something which answers all / most common stripe questions for each of the main components:

  1. Stripe Connect
  2. Stripe Subscription
  3. Stripe one-off payment / Marketplace

Stripe Connect
The guide here is an excellent starting point: Allow Merchants to Connect their Stripe Account to your App - Adalo Resources

Underneath is my Connect setup:

Problem: When I test this (using Stripe Test Mode) in the Preview and I connect an account by clicking on the “Connect with Stripe” button, it launches a new browser tab and follows the Stripe Connect Standard setup wizard. It confirms that the account was setup successfully and I can close the window. However, the Account ID created by Stripe is not populating the Database in Adalo. Does anyone know why?

I can see the newly created account in Stripe and I can also have Integromat / Make watch for this event but I have no way of updating the user in the Adalo database as there is no ID shared between the 2 databases for me to match on (I could potentially use email but that’s not the point, yet). I can also see these errors in the console referencing the redirect URL but I’ve no idea what they mean:

Stripe Subscription
Again, another excellent starting point: Subscription Payments - Adalo Resources

My setup:

Problem: When I test this (using Stripe Test Mode) in the Preview I’m able to start a Subscription using the default Adalo component and a test visa card provided by stripe. However, the customer it creates in my Stripe Dashboard is 1) Blank and 2) Not relatable in anyway to my Adalo User (screenshot below). Should I not receive back a customer ID or similar which I can then update my Adalo User with to keep them in sync when it comes to subscription management? It looks like this isn’t built into Adalo but using Integromat / Make could be achieved possibly but only if the customer ID is sent back?

Stripe one-off payment / Marketplace
I think the UI / Component may have been updated since this article but it’s the same principle and I’ve added my own screenshot below

My Setup:

Problem: In the Adalo preview, it works fine to make a payment using a test care but if I share the app and use on my phone or in a private browser, I’m getting this error. So there must be a value not being provided / accessible for some reason but I don’t know what or why. This screen uses a list to show each “payment profile” and is filtered using the PragmaFlow arbitaryJS to filter for a unique list entry.

Other common problems

  1. When you paste the keys or ID’s from Stripe to Adalo, check the start and end for whitespace and remove as necessary. This is one of those stupidly simple things which causes hours of frustration and errors.
  2. When testing the connect component and the Account ID is linked to a user or a merchant, make sure you’re logged in as the relevant user or the Merchant is the “current” merchant and that the DB is populated with an ID.
  3. When previewing and looking for errors, you can use the browser console to give you clues as to where to look to help you debug, etc

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Not sure why the “Stripe Account ID” is not populating into your Adalo Collection. You seem to have the right setting (i.e., "Logged in User > Logged in User > Stripe Account ID).

This youtube is the main thing I followed for the setup, the part for Stripe Account ID is on minute 05:40, and it worked for me (ie. in the Adalo Collection I see the Stripe Account ID populated, the one that starts with “acct_”). The only thing I can think of is I’m using the Users collection, which is “special” collection, that’s where I have the field “Stripe Account ID”. It’s “Special” in the sense that it comes default with all Adalo apps and four default fields I was told not to change/delete/reorder/etc. So I only add on top of those fields. In case you have changed those.

If it doesn’t work, I noticed that youtube was done by @damianoredemagni whom I noticed is featured on a course on the new Adalo Academy, so I believe an expert and Adalo and Stripe. I suggest to reach out. Also, I suggest to open a Ticket, here

P.S. That was on you time 1. Stipe Connect. Your other two items:

  1. Stripe Subscription: … I haven’t done this component yet

  2. Stripe one-off payment / Marketplace … I haven’t done “one-off payment”. I’m trying to make Marketplace componennt work (having issues as we speak). The same youtube mentions “component is a little buggy” on minute 14:48, "Get Them Paid with Stripe + Adalo - YouTube , I have an open ticket on this one. Today (June 16) I literally heard back from Adalo Support, "I think this is only a bug present in the Test Mode version of our Stripe app. It’s a known bug that our devs are working on getting sorted"

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Thanks for responding @sweetapp21, much appreciated!

Yes I watched the same YouTube video, scoured the forum and also looked for courses (A stripe course using the latest components woud be great)

I’ve tried to debug but no joy. @damianoredemagni, any thoughts from you on things I could try please?

If I can’t get a response here, I’ll log a ticket and report back my findings in case it helps others.

Good luck with your app. :slight_smile:

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Support ticket logged…

Solutions being collated. Keeping thread open

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