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  1. is there a way too save a user’s place when they log off and and then have them return to it when they log back in again?
  2. I know there isn’t a functional way to preserve the scroll position moving backwards without specific transition states, but does anyone know if it’s possible to preserve scroll position to the next screen where the transition is ‘none’?
  3. Is there a way I can trigger a lottie file to show up without an entirely new screen for it?

Hello, how is everything ?

I set up a type of Quiz, and the user closed the application, or when he left, or logged off, he would need to return to the same question that left him, so I solved it as follows:

I set up a list with the questions, and the answers on the same line, the database / list was in this format.
Question | answer A | answer B | answer C | answer D | step |

And in my user list I also created the step column.

Then on a blank screen I added a custom list.
Then I set the maximum display to 1 on this list.

I set up the layout with the questions and the answers with the magic text. Which was as follows:

"1 - Question

Answer A
Answer B
Answer C
Answer D"

So every time the user answers (selects) a question (I put an action on each answer text to update the current user list, with the next question number), it updates the user data list in the case column “step” to step identical to the list of questions with the questions.

In other words, the user can log off or close the application, which when he returns, or logs in, will return to the same question that stopped before, in his case, it would be the screen.

Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I speak Portuguese, and my English still speaks fluently. =/

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