🐒 Rewardful meets Adalo - Affiliate / Referral Program | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey Everyone!!

A new component from NoCode Monkey!!

Rewardful (Affiliate Marketing)

- Component is FREE but Requires a Rewardful Subscription


Here’s a quick explanation of how it works…

  1. Rewardful generates Referral Links for you affiliates.
  2. They share these with prospective customers.
  3. When someone uses the Referral Link it tags the user with that Affiliates account.
  4. You install our component on each screen. (you can only see it in the editor, its invisible in live)
  5. Our component tracks the user across your app and when the user buys something, Rewardful give the affiliate credit.
  6. You set up the reward system 20% of the first payment, 30% of every payment, etc. Your choice. Rewardful makes sure your affiliates get paid and makes the process smooth.

Can we get a tutorial?

Good idea. I just added a description to the original post. I’ll put together a tutorial video today. (FYI- There is a tutorial already in Rewardful on how to set it up once you sign up)

Hello Michael, congrats for the components they look solid!
I bought the auto save input, and i’m not able to use for math purposes, is it normal?

Like client put a number in a input and create a action to do some calculation?


Hey Afonso,
Thanks for getting the components. I’ll send you a DM and we can figure out the issue.

Thanks man

A sexta, 13/08/2021, 00:42, Michael - NoCode Monkey via Adalo <adalo@discoursemail.com> escreveu:

Hi @Michael - does this work with iOS apps?