No Code Monkey - still around?

Anyone know if @Michael is still active on here? Purchased several of these components from him, and there are bugs that come up. Concern is how to get these things fixed. Wondering if anyone has been in contact with him, or had any component bugs fixed recently?

I have message him and his team so many times. I asked him to update the rich text editor and he basically asked me to pay to have it fixed/upgraded. He is shady as heck. All he is doing is popping out half made components that are not 100% customizable to make extra money off us folks. Then he leaves us all in the dust! That just my opinion and my experience with him. Adaldo does not care to make their experts follow up or hold them accountable with this kida stuff and that is why they keeping getting worse. I have not been a paying customer for over a year now and was here when adalo first started. Its a real dang shame!

Hey @jromeo80

We are definitely still around. We typically handle issues via support email (that’s the quickest way to get a response). If you send us an email at you should get a quick response.

I just sent you a DM on here so that I can get you some help as soon as possible.

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Hey @kdy294
I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with us. We try to make our components as customizable as possible (we have limitations from Adalo’s system that keeps things from being 100% customizable).

We try to list out all of the features that are included in each component and provide accurate demos to show how the component works.

To give a brief explanation of how we try to handle component development, when people need additional features on a component that we’ve already released, we will see if it’s something that’s easy to add (depends on the complexity). If additional feature requests are complex, we may ask the customer if they want us to build a custom component for them.

If you’d like to have a chat further about it, please send me an email or DM. I’d love to try and help if I can.

Update on this one. First off, @Michael thanks for jumping in.

Had a great experience with your support team last night. Helena responded to a form submission on the calendar component within hours. Hoping the fix is quick. It was nuts how fast she got back to me and I appreciate that more than you know.

Also, just wanted to make sure you guys are around since you are building things that are essential for Adalo to meet the needs of the devs.

Thanks @jromeo80
Glad we were able to get back with you quickly.

Also, keep an eye on the store. A bunch of new things coming very soon. We’ve been pushing a lot of updates to our current components this month and many new components coming over the next few weeks.


We’ve sent many emails back and fourth. I’m the one who wants to know why clickable text links don’t work in rich text editor. If I remember correctly I got an email saying you would look into it. On adalo it shows it has not ben updated in over a year. I am just annoyed I paid $80 dollars for the component on your website and it don’t not even do what its meant for. I totally understand it’s not your fault on the limitations but that why I say half-made components because they really are. You would think a rich text editor would be able to handle clickable text links.

@Michael and his crew are going to check these things out.

That would be awesome because I’ve been patiently waiting for a while now for this to get its update.

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