No code monkey is on fire

We will all unequivocally agree that when it comes to Adalo Components, @Michael’s NOCODE MONKEY delivers the best and well maintained components. He has been on :fire::fire: recently, dropping fantastic components back to back. Kindly check out the store and give your Adalo app some class & UX aesthetics.

Well done Michael!


The animated tabs component is superb released a few days ago ! Working on using it in all my Apps ! My other personal fav is the Advanced Calendar :blush:

Couldn’t agree more… the components are by far the most reliable and best maintained.




Haha, thanks guys. Really appreciate it. Hopefully we can keep the streak going.
We have a bunch of things coming out over the next week. Should be exciting.


Why does his sign up form not have the ability for users to input a username?

Check his multi input validator

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Hey John,
I just sent you a DM to try and help you out.

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I love them … I bought several now … continue the successes