Save Credit Card Information

Hi, I read somewhere that Adalo has capability of saving credit card information. However, I don’t see how I can set this up. I would like for users to checkout each time without having to put their card information in. Is this possible? If so can some one point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Liv, at the moment Adalo the way to save credit card information is to use the stripe components. That way you never have to save the credit card yourself, and it will be safely / securely stored within Stripe. It’s tied to user accounts, so if you log back in as the same user, your saved card will be available for use.

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@Ben or @jeremy is there a way to port any info from Stripe to our Adalo DB. Such as billing name and zip code? I’d like to use Stripe as a verification mechanism.

For example, my Adalo user calls himself “Barack Obama” as username/full name. But the Stripe payment billing name turns out to be Donald Trump. When logged in “Barack Obama” shares his Adalo data/profile with a non Adalo user 3rd party, I can append the Billing Name (Donald Trump) so the 3rd party knows whether the data can be trusted. :))

Perhaps this more a question for Stripe support, not sure. I’m thinking I may need to use a verification service independent of Stripe.


There’s not a way to do that directly within Adalo, but you might be able to make something work like that using our Zapier integration.

Hey Jeremy ,

Does Adalo still do this? I cannot figure out how I can show our users a list of their payment methods and they can choose whichever they prefer. THe interface doesn’t allow this from what it looks like.

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