Stripe data- billing address verification

Is there an easy way to edit the Stripe component? Currently, the Adalo Stripe component requires the bare minimum for a credit card auth (card number, expiration month/year, CVC code). As a result, key fields are empty in my Stripe Dashboard. Also, I wonder if Stripe will (in the future as Adalo is widely adopted) see increased fraud emanating from Adalo-created apps.

My app will require a billing address verification and was hoping to use Stripe for this to check against the billing address input into Adalo by the user. ie I want to ensure the user’s mailing address is verified using the credit card billing address.

I have created a feature request for this, please upvote if you’d like to reduce fraudulent purchases in your app (which will require refunds).


There’s a setting for e-mail but I’m sure you’ve seen it…

I’m confused though, if Stripe had the user’s billing address, wouldn’t they be filling it out on their side? And if they don’t have the billing address, then they’d be getting it sent from Adalo, and checking what the user entered into Adalo versus what they entered into Adalo that got copied over to Stripe isn’t verifying anything?

Popular as Stripe is, it may not have the full mailing address of every user, and certainly not every user of our Adalo apps.

Regarding your third sentence, that is exactly what I am requesting of Adalo: a Stripe component that collects and transmits the credit card billing address to Stripe.

For instance, my Adalo user enters their mailing address in my web app (Adalo DB collection) as:

123 Main Street
San Francisco CA 99999

but their credit card billing address is actually

987 Off Main Street
New York, NY 11111

In this case, my user has not entered their true mailing address into my Adalo app. Even if Stripe has the user’s true billing address (from a previous transaction at a different merchant), there is no way for Stripe to pass the true address back to me. The Adalo Stripe component does not collect nor transmit, and thus cannot complete the full address verification (AVS). These “card not present” transactions, without AVS, are the riskiest transactions to process online.

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