Can Adalo take recurring payments?

Does adalo store credit card info through Stripe integration to keep users from having to keep entering in a credit card each time they make a payment?

Hi Arkflow,

You can create a subscription payment on Stripe, so users will be billed as you set it up ($x/mo, $y/yr, etc.). This is a fixed subscription (obviously), so you can’t charge users when they perform a specific action, it’s billed on the preset basis.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the frequency users enter their card data, I’d recommend a top up feature or move to a subscription based model.

@Erik / @arkflow - I’ve been trying to do something like this as well. I’m coming from Bubble where you can use Stripe’s API to add a Payment Method token / Charge ID to the user data type, then charge that “stripe customer” with a backend workflow on a scheduled basis.

This allows for variable prices for each scheduled charge period.

I haven’t found a way to do this with Adalo, but I’d absolutely love it if I could. I don’t think Adalo has the same type of “backend workflows” functionality that Bubble has unless I am completely missing something on the platform?

Correct, Adalo doesn’t have scheduled workflows.

Using custom actions, you can create the customer in Stripe. You’ll need to use an external scheduled workflow (i.e, Zapier) to calculate and run the monthly charges.

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