Save favorites and more on phone without having to sign up


I am building an app with listing of activities, restaurants and more.

Is there a way to allow user to save activities/restaurants as favorite, without having the user being required to sign up?

Sign-up will be to much of a barrier to get the user to use the app, so we wan´t to achieve this without signup.


Hello. Yes, it’s possible to do it but the activities/Restaurants won’t be saved as a list. They’ll display as texts that will be saved on the phone.

Thank you!

Hi @hansravnsfjall,

You have a welcome screen right? In there you could add the Signup action in a countdown or if you use a Lottie you could add there or you could add as a screen action and you can fill the email ( user{user count+1} ) and password (123). Then the user will signup and no need to enter the info for the user and you can store the favorites for the user as Logged in user

Thank you

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