Saving user's progress without registration?

Good morning everyone,
I’m developing a quiz app and since I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible I’d rather avoid user registration and profile.

That being said, is there any alternative way the app can save the user’s progress so that in case he/she leaves the app and come back they would start the quiz from the same point they left?

I initially thought of using cookies somehow (I have no idea how to set it up tho) because the app can only be used during the same day so there is no need to store the cookies for days to come. However I don’t know if this is feasable.

If you have any suggestions on how the result can be achieved feel free to share!

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Hi @alberto_Vertical,

You could create a account at the first screen , first time when user opens the app adding a signup action and then you can use that user record within the app! Let me know if you didn’t understood and I’ll share a app!

Does your quiz app also same like I built? : My First App In Adalo - Quizzy If not could you share your one too from a video cuz love to see new ways :smiley:

Thank you

Thank you so much Dilon for your reply!
I’d love to share my app but I just started designing it so there is not much to see yet :smiley:
What I meant with “saving progress without registratin” was completely avoiding signing up and account creation so that once the user click the web app link he/she can start playing right away without having to enter e-mail and password.
Do you think this is achievable?

Does anyone have any ideas?

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