Bulk Uploading Users using Excel

Raising this once again as the previous thread is closed -

Say I have two Adalo Collections - Users and Membership with a common column “Phone Number”

Users Collection has the following columns: Email, Password, Phone Number, Registered Gym Name
Membership Collection has following columns: Phone Number, Registered Gym Name

Without having the users to install my app, I want to do bulk upload into the Membership collection of all the data that I have using an Excel sheet.

Now, whenever a user signs up, what I want is :
If Users Phone Number is present in Membership Collections Phone Number Column,
update the Registered Gym Name in Users Collection with Registered Gym Name in Membership Collection

How can this be done ?

Hi @Nitish,

You can use the import feature in Adalo! : https://help.adalo.com/database/importing-records-from-a-csv-file#:~:text=Importing%20Records%20from%20a%20CSV%20File%20-%20Adalo%20Resources&text=Import%20large%20amounts%20of%20data,a%20clean%20import%20every%20time

You would need a custom form for this! You can make the Signup button a list and connect it to the membership collection and filter it by the phone number column on the membership collection with the phone number input! And you can make the maximum records count to be 1 and add the Signup action for the button.

Or if you use a normal built-in form you can link the Signup form to a new blank screen and have a countdown there and make the countdown a list and do the same that you can do in the custom form which I mentioned above! And you can link the countdown to the home screen.

Thank you

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Thanks @dilon_perera this worked !

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