Saving images in Webview

Hey guys, I’m developing an outfit planning app and there is this feature we want to implement, which is the in-app background remover.

So basically, I have this button called “Remove Background”, and it opens up a modal into Webview (with the website: It’s successful up to the saving image part.

There is no way for me to save it into my gallery without taking a screenshot (which would be redundant for transparency). I tried the long press, dragging, double clicking etc. No luck.

Is there any HTML code I can implement to either like “enableLongPressSave” or <a href="savethisimage://?url=">Save this image</a>?

Thank you!

Webview currently doesn’t capture the data for you, it only acts as viewer. You’ll not be able to save the data from web view as far as I’m aware.

Hey @bhanu thanks for replying.

I guess the only way to solve this is to develop a custom component. My cto is working on it right away.

Hopefully we can release it to the marketplace for other users who want this feature!


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