Scaling Up: Prioritizing Performance on Adalo

Hi everyone & happy Friday!

Certainly happier than where we were last week around this time where we experienced our largest service interruption to date.

It was a big deal & as such, we wanted to explain a little more about what happened & our response.
Infrastructure & performance are our top priorities as a team right now & last week was a good indicator of why — but we wanted to fill you all in a little more.

You’ve put your trust in us as your app platform & we have every intention of earning it.


Lovely. :smiley:

Kudos to the whole team.

Miles to go before you sleep. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Excited for the AWS upgrade and regional servers and the interesting things lined up.

@David & team this is amazing news. This is reassuring that I can continue to build and deploy into production soon. Thank you!

Oh, sweet no-code lord! @David This is fantastic news and especially the bit about different servers in different regions would be great.

If I may suggest: this also bears a great opportunity for EU Customers to make a step towards GDPR compliance. Kill two birds with one stone, eh? If you’d integrate an option like “I only wanna use EU Servers” that would free us Europeans from a lot of legal headache.


Wow @David, now that’s what I call an honest and humble explanation, thank you!

Yeah AWS is definitely the way to go as capacity will scale along with your growth (and our apps) plus EU users will benefit from their CDN.

I can now 100% trust that you guys are making good decisions moving forward and will be committing to building my mobile apps with Adalo.

Anyway, thank you again for reaching out to the community, and also a big shout out to the devs that worked thru the night :heart_eyes:!


Thank you guys for sharing this with us!
This is amazing! Regional servers and logic in your servers will make a world of diference for us in Europe. My best to all of you in Adalo Team


It was a relief to read your article because it told me that I wasn’t the only one experiencing problems with my changes being saved. Thank you, @David, for the update.

I hope your crew can get the Stripe component working soon!

Fantastic to hear all of these improvements, me and the team love Adalo and what it has to offer.


Good Job on your transparent communication.

Appreciate if you can breakdown your Performance Improvement Task into smaller milestones and update us as and when required.

This will help us to plan our release/marketing/growth push accordingly.

For example, I have an app ready to be pushed for marketing. But I am afraid to do this because of app slowness issue here in India. If we can know when Region-based sharding is going to be enabled upfront, we can plan things accordingly.

Appreciate if this can be done.


@Kaigal +1 This would be helpful to have a rough timeline perhaps on the status page to help us better plan for the future. For example - right now our app becomes unusable when we import anything above 100 lines of data. We have tens of thousands of lines of event data that we scraped from the internet and need to load into our db but since the app is unusable when we do this, we have to pause the scraping activities until the app can handle this at scale. And for now, we don’t have any timeline to follow to plan this out.

This is exactly what’s going to keep me using Adalo. Performace was for me, the biggest bottle neck right now. Lack of advanced features I can get by (workarounds, staggered feature updates, etc can take care of that), but performance is the #1 thing which made me stop using Adalo. Our clients felt it, we felt it, and I actively discouraged our CTO from any new projects on Adalo because of it. Because we knew that even if we wanted to build a small restaurant menu on Adalo, we still couldn’t rely on it loading up properly in the Middle East. Not to mention the number of times our internal office apps had crashed/kept on loading indefinitely. I and my CTO could remain patient and let it load, but regular Joes wouldn’t. A few long load times, plus some existing bugs, and they’re out.

So this article, especially about AWS so that there’s no outages, and regional servers, plus the logic loading is just a blessing for our business. I won’t be able to thank you guys enough if you can bring this live soon.

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I whole-heartedly believe that performance & Scaling related issues are getting addressed in the background.

A small update to the developer community on what is happening and what to expect in a few weeks will be highly appreciable.

It is like a black-box for us on when to expect the performance issues to be resolved.

Appreciate if you can share some insights on whats happening so that we can plan things accordingly.


Hello to everyone on this thread! @Kaigal @AddyEdwin @iron49man @MM792 @bgschust @AfonsoMarques @Devops @AXIOM @bhanu @Kamal

In case you missed our Community Town Hall Q&A today, we talked about performance (along with some other things on our roadmap). As part of that we also published a blog post update on performance here :point_down: TLDR: We’ve excited about what we’ve got accomplished and we’ve got even more in progress.


Thanks David - I think the most pressing thing is moving client side logic to server side. Thank you for continually improving the platform.

Thanks, i already read and i’m confident on ADALO.
You will make it work.

Going through the article now, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks David, it would be a good idea on those blog posts to add a date to them… No way on that page to tell if that was a day ago, or 2 months ago :slight_smile:

I really hope for a real change soon.
My PWA needs 50 seconds to open the homepage…

That seems excessively long I just tried mine and while it was a few seconds, it was not 50. (and yes a few seconds is long).

Do you have any images loading on the main page, or anything unusual going on on the first page?

Thank you for your reply.
On the homescreen there are 13 items from Adals’s database using 10 small images.
There are moments when it needs 2-3 seconds to load!!! And it is great.
And there are moments when, as yesterday, keeps the screen on loading to much time to wait and as I counted was 50 sec.
And this is random. This is why I keep asking on support or here for a reason, for a solution.