Screen and button Actions Update does not work

The Update actions does not work in the released application.
On screens and buttons, the Update function does not work - the conditions are not met.
I have reworked the assembly many times, rechecked everything, now I am doing internal testing.
In the Adalo editor - everything works…

How to fix it?

Hi Artem,

Could you please take a screen recording or screenshot of the issue?

Nothing happens, so I can’t take a screenshot.
Well, for example: When the button is clicked, the user is assigned the “approved” status and a specific function becomes available.
In PWA everything worked without problems. But it doesn’t work in published app.

Second example: The user is assigned one of two languages ​​RUS or ENG. Depending on the choice, when he entering a certain screen, a further transition should occur. In PWA this works flawlessly, but it doesn’t work in a published application…

Some moments I seem to understand

  1. I tried the option with a button to solve by reducing the conditions. It seems to work, but this is not what I planned.

  2. Regarding the action on the screen, the matter is this: If you close the application and re-enter it, the user gets to the home screen and since he has already been assigned the status rus or eng - and he moves on. But in my case, when the application is turned on again, the user is already logged out. And the screen cannot determine the status of its language. And he needs a login again. In pwa everything worked, in the published application this is the problem.

Hi Ossa,
When you say everything works in the PWA version of the app but not in the Published version. What does that mean? Are you publishing the PWA to the app stores. which published version does not work? Apple or Google? I am doing PWA apps for my client but he may later want an app store publication. Please let me know which published version is problematic. thanks, Mary