Link Action Issues in iOS Apps

When I set the following click action on a component, it behaves differently in PWA and iOS apps.

Is this a bug?

▼Click action set for the component
In order from top to bottom.

  1. Click Action: Link to A Screen
  2. Click Action: Link to B Screen

▼Behavior in PWA
User moves to screen A only

▼Behavior that occurs in iOS apps
User moves to screen A and then immediately to screen B

※Until a few weeks ago, the same behavior as PWA was occurring in iOS apps.

I have the same issue and posted about this a couple of days ago too. Support is looking into it, but you should submit a ticket too so they know it’s more widespread.

Thank you for your comment.

I checked your post and it is exactly the same problem I am having with my app.

I’m sure many Adalo users have these link actions set up, but the fact that I haven’t seen much information on this forum suggests that this may be an issue that is only happening with certain Adalo users.

I submitted a support ticket on 5/5.

I received a reply on 5/10, but the support team didn’t seem to understand the situation correctly, so I contacted them on 5/11 with more detailed information and asked them to remedy the problem.

I have not yet received a response back.

I am concerned that the Adalo support team does not seem to understand the issue correctly.

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