Screen transitions, openai and so much more

Ok so I got a laundry list of problems I’m hoping y’all can help with , 1 so I’ve set up your basic question open ai bot , it has a system prompt and when the user asks a question what it’s supposed to do is transition to an animation screen that plays then to a results screen .
Here we have multiple problems .

I can’t get it it to transition , so when the button is pushed that should trigger the slide to animation well it just just goes to animation regardless of whether the button is pushed .

2 when I link the results page as well it just jumps right to it .

3 . I set it up that it should start the transition when the output box is equal to the input . What I think that means is when the output has text in it is is now equal so when gpt gives a response that equalizes it . But that doesn’t work .

I can’t figure out how to clear values after a response is given meaning the output always has text in it making it equal to input and screwing everything up .

So my question is …
1 how do you clear text boxes
2 how do you set a timer on a screen to transition
3Web view doesn’t work whatsoever .can I fix this
4 Can you use gifs I tried uploading that doesn’t work so url is the only thing I find that works

Extra questions …
How do you add OCR or tts to an app in adalo is it even possible ?

Thanks in advance any help is appreciated

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