Transitions won't work right

Hi, The pages are automatically transitioning ever though set on push transitions are set. The tutorials aren’t helping me. Can anyone help please.

Hey there, it looks like you have your actions set on the screen themselves. Screen actions will read first when a user comes to that page therefore it does not stay on the screen. You will want to have a button or arrow to move the user forward with any and all actions on the button/text/image not on the screen itself.

There are times to use screen actions, but it’s fairly limited and with your app you’ll just need to set up the right button/text/image action flow.

Hi Ashley.
Thanks for the response.

Ok, so right now the next and back arrows are at the top. So I need to take those out and add a next button at the bottom to go next or back?

Is it correct to have the pages linked to each other?
Thanks again. I definitely appreciate your help.


What Ashley is saying is that you want the actions to be added to the buttons/icons in your app, not to the screens themselves.

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