Screen turns blank white


I’m working on a screen where you can see some health data. The final idea is to click one of the buttons and get a detailed overview of all measurements.

The strange thing is, as soon as i look at the screen in the adalo previewer it turns all white and I dont have a clue why. Currently there is nothing with visibility-states. I removed the screen and recreated it, i removed objects and so on but still: White Blank Screen.

Used components - but nothing fancy:
Several “Text”, and Images
3 Line Charts,
3 Custom Lists

Any ideas?

Usually, this occurs when the expected data is not available for certain components.

Can you post a screenshot of the “Available data” for that screen?


Good call. I looked it up and seems that my serveral referenceses to that screen ends in “having no data there” (I got several data pushed but as i refer from different screens, it seems that this one is not consistent). Thanks for the tipp, will work on “screen linkage” and will pay more attention to this :slight_smile:

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