Scroll down (upon button click)


I want to have a button that scrolls down the page when someone clicks it.

Is that possible with Adalo?

Thanks in advance

You could add a new screen with the “slide up” transition when the button is clicked.

Thanks! I tried that, but then when the user scrolls back up - the initial screen isn’t there…

I understand your question and your reply. I don’t believe it’s possible.

But that does bring me to a question. Why would you want them to see the image and button again when they scroll back up if there is no other action to be taken on that section?

I just want it to be a long continuous page… :slight_smile:

Have you try reverse scroll ?

How can it help? :slight_smile:
I just need the website to scroll automatically when a user clicks a button

You can put invisible list and add record there from that button.

So the screen will act to show the last record which is located at bottom.


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