Reverse Scrolling for Conversation Threads?

Hey guys! I’ve seem some people reference a “reverse scrolling feature” on the forums for message threads. This way they would load from the bottom up and not scroll through the entire thread every time you reload the page. Although, I can’t seem to find this anywhere… does anyone know where this is or have another alternative to a more natural messaging experience like other messaging apps?

first sort your messages list “from newest created to oldest”
second, clic on the name of the messaging screen (upper left corner of the screen) to select it and get its customosation options on the left panel,
3rd clic on edit style, it’s the last checkbox, check it
your done

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Ahh gotcha. I didnt know that was where it was placed, but it seems like its still jumping from the top of the message thread to the bottom (current) message whenever the page is reloaded… I guess the only way to stop that from happening would be to have your current messages on top…? Not too sure. I’ll keep playing around with it… Thanks!

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