🐒 Scrollable Markdown & Markdown Text | 2 New Components from NoCode Monkey

Hey everyone,

We have 2 new components!!

:point_right:Markdown Text
:point_right:Scrollable Markdown

  • Customizable Background color
  • Border color, size, and rounding options
  • Works on iOS, Android, & Web

Markdown Text Demo
Scrollable Markdown Demo

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Wow! Cool! You are brilliant!

Michael, one question. The markdown component is for show the code right? Is it possible that the user can write it and then show? Like for example the user needs to send a message and a text in their should be bold and then that user can bold it? Like in this forum?

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Hey @dilon_perera

Yes, you could write in a regular text input using Markdown and then display it in this component.
I’ll added a writing example to the demo

See Demo

Let me know if that answers your question.

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Awesome, Michael! This is cool but the problem is some users don’t know markdown and I would like them to just select the text and click on a button to do that like in this forum. Does this possible with this component or it will be a new component? ( I guess it would be a new component ) It would be super duper cool! ( a example : Adalo Rich Text Editor - YouTube )

Oh, I see what you mean. So this is a different issue but coughcough… give me a couple days.

Regarding Markdown, this is more likely going to be used to display text instead of having your user write text. Currently the Markdown component in Adalo doesn’t work on iOS/Android (it has a sizing issue that messes up your display).

We solved this issue with our components.

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