🐒 Rich Text | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey everyone,
There’s a new component from NoCode Monkey!!!

:point_right: Rich Text

  • Bold, Italics, Underline, Bullet/Number List, and more
  • Magic text available in HTML (Rich Text) and Plain Text formats
  • Customize which toolbar icons are available
  • Display-only option available

See Demo
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That’s mega!
@iAppsNi had me hunting around for it last week, he was ahead of the game.

How is it saved to a collection, does it appear as an input?


Haha :smiley: :smiley:

Its a great product. I done a little beta testing for Michael. Great component.

It saves the text down formatted as HTML or as Plain text. Quite versatile and lots of settings to customise

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Thanks @iAppsNi
Your beta testing really helped us improve the product.

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Hey @Rozza ,
If you check the demo you can see the two types of magic text that it creates.

  • HTML
  • Plain Text

The HTML is what you will use to display the text in the input.
The plain text is what you would likely use if you just want the information from the text.

So I would imagine (depending on your need) you would save both to your database. Let me know if that answer isn’t clear enough.

@Michael not sure if you are active on here any more but wondering if you can add a feature to allow for auto expand when using this component as read only. It would help in lists when we want to enter rich text and then display the content. Right now having to scroll in the list is no good. Any chance we can get that tweak.

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@Michael I agree as well. Can we please get the feature to auto expand to the content when in read only mode and clickable links. This would really change the game!