Searching stored customer appointment Records?

Hi Guys I have built my app and all works as it should (up to now )

On a form I have a Date Field that the customer chooses. If I go to DB Records I can see all the records but how can I search these records say a year later to find who booked an appointment on this day?

This is quite important as you can contact the client to book again if they last booked like a month ago?
This may be to make a special offer or to book in again for a monthly haircut. I am only talking about searching the fields in the Adalo admin end not in the app itself.

When I search in the records for a date nothing shows up in Search ?

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I think that you can only search your “default field” in your collection, you could always create your own admin panel in your app and use a filter.

HI Devops,

Thanks for your reply

Ok but how do I create an admin panel that my client can see on his computer at his office but it cant be seen by any of his customers/app users ?

PS The app I have built does not require customers to sign up or sign in ( in case that is relevant ?)

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Well I’m afraid that I can’t explain all in detail today but to give you a general idea you would start by giving roles to your users (user, admin, super admin…)

Next in your menu bar, you can add a link to the admin page (this link would only be visible to admins if conditional visibility is applied)

On the admin’s screen “i.e dashboard”, you would have a list with your applied filters.

Hi Devops

I have watched and understood the video tutorial and setting up restricted admin access, but this is all about the actual Users of the app rather than the owners of the app extracting data from the database.

I am not talking about user interaction which is fine. I am talking about the owner of the app being able to draw information from the fields. Such as " how many meals did we sell in October 2020"

Normally on a website the database would have an admin interface where you could search for such data
such as on an e commerce website

I have found that you can download a CSV file and open that in XL and then use XL to get the required data, but I am surprised that Adalo does not have an Admin/Owner screen where you can simply do a search of the fields that have been created

I can of course create a Blank screen and call that admin and restrict access and get that and link that to an existing database but I cant see how to set up the admin Control panel to extract the data my app owner will need. The video I watched was based on an example of someone selling trips and the admin rules just said when Mr X is logged in they have permission to create a new trip. Which is fine but that is not what I need I need to extract data results based on a search criteria

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Like I said above you can create a personalized dashboard within the app for the “owner” you just need to give that user (i.e the owner) rights to that page.

If you feel that this is too difficult there are over ways to report to the owner using 3rd party dashboards.

Here’s a list of dashboard tools I put together in the day:

My personal favorite is Geckoboard, you can manually upload your CSV file or link your database over an API so it’s updated in real-time.

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Hi Develops.

Thats much clearer now. I assume if I create a Blank screen and give that a logged in access. and then create a search field box then the owner should be able to use that box to search any field in the database ?

Have I got that right ? and can I do that while in trial mode or does it require a custom action only available to paid adalo subscribers ?

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@Nexus21214 you got it! :grin:

That’s right you’re all good to do this with the freemium plan :v:

Hi and many thanks

I just found yourtutorial on creating a search bar and it says

  1. Click the “+” button in the left toolbar to open the Add Panel.
  2. Select the “Add Screen” tab.
  3. Scroll down and open the “List” category.
  4. Choose the List Search screen template.
  5. On your new screen, select the List component.
  6. In the left panel, specify what this is a list of.
  7. Then, under “Filters,” click Add Filter.

However… on my adalo, in the LIST category, I only see 5 LIST option and none are search screen template ? I have also tried looking in the Marketplace and cant see it there either ?

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Hi @Nexus21214,

Reg. List search screen - most probably you’re looking at components section, and the screen is in the screens section. I’ve found one just now.
Another thing is that this screen is simply a Simple list + Search input. So you could easily create it by yourself.

Simple seacrh bar is described here:

More complex search logic, when you use additional “searchindex” field, is described in a very good video made by @pfordmedia, see here:

As for filter by date, then you will need a datepicker to enter date and then filter the list by its value. Other option - use calendar or create “left-right” custom datepicker, like in the firs 4 minutes of this video:

Hope this helps!

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