Can an Admin user receive accept and decline requests from non-admin users?

I have been asking several questions lately, and I love this community. So thank you for all your help.

Is there a way to say the “ask for something” button pressed, which then goes to the admin user (User type True/False “Is Admin” so the Admin screens show only for that one user), and then that “ask for something” gets sent to a list on the admin screen where there is a simple list?

Thank you! I usually write code to build websites in HTML5 to React, so Adalo is still a little new. I would love to write some custom JavaScript for some functions, too, if that is possible.

Hi Austin,

When the button pressed it creates the record in your collection and you have created a true/false property like Accepted right? Then you can show a list to the Admin and connect it to that collection and add a button or a toggle to the list to accept it. And then you can add a filter to the list that user see as accepted> is true. Then when only the Admin accept it shows for the user or you can remove the filter and add a text like pending and a visibility condition if Accepted> is false and another text like Accepted and a visibility condition if Accepted>is true. Then make that texts touching and group them.

For this there’s a component called Arbitrary JavaScript that Pragmaflow created.

Here’s a video that how you can install that components from that marketplace.

Thank you

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Hey Dilon! That is my middle name by the way, and thank you for all your help!

So I know about the Arbitrary JavaScript from GitHub, but I haven’t seen the video on how to install it, since it’s a custom component.

Here is what I have for Admin Collection then users:


Now, this was made so only one user could reach this Admin button, and Admin screen as well as an Enterprise Team Screen:

I hope I have this right, I am showing it in 1 hour to show I can make it, and I was instructed to ask the forums which I’ve done many times. And you guys are always a delight! I hope I can give back like I do on GitHub so much here one day.

I think you don’t need a Admin collection. You can create a true/false property to know if that user is a Admin or not.

You want to accept requests that User’s created right? I think you have a collection to add requests for users. Then you can connect that list to the list that in the Admin screen.

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So just add a relationship from Admin Collections to Users? Which of the three would work? I did the second one since only one user should be admin and view these.

You can create a true/false property like Admin? in the Users Collection and you can open the users collection and open the record that you need to be as the Admin and set true for that property. And then you can add the visibility condition to the List If Logged in user>Admin?>is true.

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Do you have a Discord by any chance? Mine is Agent_Shadow99#0830.

I would love to chat with you. I am watching your video. I am going to have to remove you from the group for just a few hours right now too btw.

I just want to get this working just like that video, so hopefully I do it right. God Bless you Dilon. I want to chat because you are honest, kind, and full of knowledge I want to learn.

It’s just so strange. I follow your video and learn more about Adalo every day. But when I follow your video, it works for you and not for me. Yet I did everything the same…
And I do not want you to spend too much time helping me. So thank you for the time you have spent with me.

You mean condition not working? Is it possible to add a video to see your setup or some screenshots or maybe a cloneable app?

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I am trying to add you, but I am not the team leader. Is there a way to collab on Discord or slack or anything? I am working on adding you with a clone but that doesn’t seem to work either.

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Did you ever figure it out? I am still working on it on the original, but I cannot get it to work. I’ll keep trying for another 3 1/2 hours.

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