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Is it possible to include a search field for a dropdown list.

I have a list of schools in my app and the list will be quite long, so I want to facilitate the selection for the user. Besides the length sometimes the name of the school may not be the way the person is searching making in even harder.

I have found a post stating that this feature request was COMPLETED and the component was added to the marketplace, but could not find it.

If anyone knows how to find it I would appreciate it.

There is a search function native to the “multi select dropdown” which can be found in the component marketplace.

Thanks Colin. I found this one, but I wanted to allow a single choice instead of mutilple ones.

My interface would break if the person incidentally choose more than one.

Do you have any suggestions on a workaround for this?

Hi @saka,

Several possible options:

  • you create an additional field in Users collection, call it “number of selections”, and increase its value each time the selection is done in Multiselect dropdown (and decrease in the opposite case). As you will probably need some action button to proceed, the action with this button will be conditional (“number of selections” = 1). You can also display the message if “number of selections” > 1.
  • you use a mix of input field and standard dropdown. In the standard dropdown, you add a custom filter, smth like “School name” Contains InputX value.
  • instead of dropdown, you use a list + input field. And you filter the list with the same filter as above. Then eventually the user will get a smaller school list and can click directly on the list item.

Hope this helps

I saw an example of your bullet number three in Adalo’s chat template. It looked pretty neat over there.

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