Hiding search list if there is no input - Can't do with "List Search" screen?

I see solutions on how to hide the list if there is no input with a custom made search, but with the built-in List Search screen, it’s not possible? :confused:

First and final bump for confirmation.

I mostly use custom list, as I need the rectangle to do visibility too.

So if an expert like you find that there is no way to set it, most likely indeed not possible, but on the other hand, we have custom list.

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Oh I am far from an expert, I’m new to Adalo, only a week or so here. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something and it was possible. The purpose of this is also to bring awareness to the fact this should be a feature for the built-in List Search screen.

It worries me that simple no-brainer functionality for built-in things are missing basic functionality or in some cases, some things have certain customisations in certain areas of the editor but then don’t have the same customisation in other areas.

I believe these “work-arounds” people find are muting the urgency for these things to be corrected.

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This is natural cause of packaging code, has been there since the very concept applied and will be there indefinitely, the higher levels the packaging process the more it needs.

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