Select and make a list of members corresponding to login user

Please help!

I want to show up members belonging to same group of login user on the home screen. I created a new collection for a few groups and confirmed all members belong to either groups. However I did not find how to show the members who belong to a group same as the login user with filtering.

Hi @Yutakagi

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  1. On the homescreen, you can add a list and make it a list of users collection
  2. Add a filter to the list, (Group = Logged in user Group)

this should filter the users for you based on logged in user group.

hmm, sounds easy, but it does not work.
Even make a group property in the users collection, there does not seem to have no filter of groups.

It does here, you can check & clone the setup.

Edit: Use the following credentials
Pwd: 123456

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It works. Thank you!!