User Preferences, vs Pre-Constrained Search

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I’m not sure Anton_KSG is looking for ‘user preferences’, more like a pre-constrained search - it sounds like that search is the value proposition of his app - user can dynamically get ideas for sets of bars to suit the mood of him/her and friends.
Anton_KSG’s scenario isn’t unusual or exotic, would be great to have a way to do this.

I have a similar goal, eg “show me all Cars -> with Turbocharger -> Blue and Green color… ok, now let’s add Orange color…now let’s drop Turbocharger…”, although for my use case the UI layout is also important - user needs to see all choices for a selectable property on the screen at the same time.

I’ve thought to solve by making each selectable property into its own collection (one record per possible value of that property), show toggles for each possible value of a property, and toggling also triggers a conditional action to update that property as a True/False on the collection with all the records.
But not clear if the data linking and relationships can support this solution, and so far haven’t been able to configure it so the conditional actions work.

Would really value having a route on this!!

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I would need the same functionality for my app too… thanks for raising this

Please add this to: so that we can prioritise this as a tutorial for the future.

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