Field on Form with multiple options to select


I am working on my first Form and have created separate collections where I want the user to select via a drop-down. I have also a collection with different character traits and I want the user to be able to select multiple character traits when filling in the form.

What I did is in my main Form collection I select ‘Add Property’ > Relationship > select the collection with the character traits.
Then I tried all 3 relationship scenarios but none of them worked. In theory the Form can have multiple character traits, so it should be AAA/FFF relation, but if I choose this on the Form > Fields > Add visible field, the characters does not show as an option.
The second option will give me a free text field, but in this case the data would not get added into the database collection for some reason and I would prefer to give the user options rather than free type.

How can I create a field with multiple options to select on a form?


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