Selecting Multiple Components

how do you select multiple components on a screen? if i hold Shift and select 2 components the get deleted

i know you can click & drag to grab multiple components but when there are things like rectangles behind them it just wants to move the rectangle…

also if you want to click & grad and select more components than you wanted you cant delete just one or a few from the multiple selection

any ideas?

The issue with selecting multiple components causes them to disappear appears to be specific to windows computers (and some chromebooks).

As a workaround to avoid this for now, when you select your 2nd component and they disappear, before your let go of your click, move your mouse slightly in any direction, and the components will reappear.

@Ben @Sixer FYI I’ve noticed that the items don’t actually get deleted- on selection they get moved to the left a certain distance and in the process get reattributed to another screen.

very helpful thank you

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