Shift click delete components

When I ‘shift click’ a second a component, both are deleted instead of giving me the choice to create a group. Am I the only one to have this behavior?

This happens, ctrl+z (cmd+z for mac) they’ll appear back.

They’re not deleted, but moved away from that screen, not sure why that happens though.

When this happens, try different sequences of selecting while making a group as a workaround.


Ctrl+Z is working with some Not Focus-Focus sequence to make it works. I hope Adalo will repair it someday.


Happens to me also. Sometime when I do ctrl+z and then I select them again it does not delete/hide them.

Doesn’t seem to happen for me (on a Mac), have you tried holding down the alt-key and shift at the same time? It might work.

@crmorris2 same behavior for me.
@ncmarc alt-shift does not work. I will have to buy a Mac. :slight_smile:

We are aware of this bug but it is proving difficult to fix!

To avoid this happening, release the shift key after shift-selecting each component and this won’t happen.

It only happens if you continuously hold down the shift key and click multiple components. :man_shrugging:

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