Self-Assigned "Classes"

We are trying to create a desktop web app that is similar to an online learning platform like Udenmy, Skillshare, etc.

We used the Coaching “template” as a basis to start out and one of the features within that template is the ability for an admin to assign “classes” to a user. I am wanting to bypass that and allow the user to pick the classes they want to take and “start a course” without an admin needing to assign one to them. I am still wanting to be able to see what classes have been completed for each user on the admin side but I am struggling as to how to accomplish that. I would take any help possible and if I need to explain more, I will be glad too!

Hi @jaronhumiston1 ,

Take a look at this revised cloneable app.

Sometimes the template is using shortcut to display what can be done, but if you want to have better foundation, it is better to build from scratch as you are no longer bound to anyone’s thinking.

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Is there a way to cut out some of the steps? What I am envisioning is that when the user creates an account/logs-in that the first thing they see are all of the resources just like on the resources tab in the app. From there they can start one of them/add them to their list of assignments?

Try to experiment with changing the link into your chosen screen.

Thanks for creating this template. Instead of being able to assign custom “Assignments” to themselves, how would you enable the user to instead assign “Activity Categories” to themselves? That way, when an Activity Category is assigned, it already includes a predefined set of Activities and Activity Details. Thanks for the help!