How can I sell a web app to a customer?

A customer is interested in purchasing my Adalo web app. I do not have a code file. How can I sell the app? What do I sell actually? I value if you can show me a way.

Hi Hakan,

You can tell that Customer to create an account on Adalo and you can make that Web App as Clonable and send that to the Customer.

Before sending the Clonable Link get the payment from that Customer and then send the Clonable link :slightly_smiling_face:

This Topic by Bhanu may help you :

Thank you

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Dilon thank you for the reply. Does my customer have to create a free account? Is it sufficient? Lastly, what if I invite this customer as a development team member, because I am on a paid plan, and can he then own the app?

7 Nis 2022 Per, saat 08:14 tarihinde Dilon Perera via Adalo <> şunu yazdı:

Nop. The free account, as you know, has limitations. They won’t be able to make full use of the app under the free plan.

I would not recommend that. Get them to create their own account and transfer the app to them. They then give you access from their account.

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Thanks for the explanation. I will do as you say.

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