Selling my app?

Hi everyone !

Someone know how can I sell my app, like my entire project ? I already know Flippa but if someone has an idea, it’s very cool !

Thank you

b2b or b2c? share anything about the app?

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Specially b2b, I want to dissociate myself from one of my projects and sell it completely, including transferring it. I don’t know if you understood me, sorry I’m french native and I need to work with my english :wink:

Understood :wink:

B2B… No doubt, I would sell in person, or on the phone. Direct.

DM me if you want tips on how to prepare. Basically, you need to know the problem they are solving better than they do.

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Thank you very much for your advice !

I am not sure if I should sell or continue the project :rofl:

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You’re welcome.

That’s easy.

If you’re thinking about it, you’re not passionate about it.
If you’re not passionate about it, sell it.

If you don’t know what project to do next, and it generates income, don’t sell it.

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I like your last sentence !

Thank you, you motivate me to don’t sell it ! I worked harder on this app and honestly I don’t have any new project in mind. So I will invest myself and I will see what happens :wink:

Thank you @Toddy you’re the boss!!


Revenue generating software / businesses will be a rare thing, soon.
Too many people sell, these days.

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Selling is not the best solution if it generates some income. I have to do some marketing and not give up so quickly ( project launched 4 days ago ) Sooo :rofl: