Question: Best way to sell app for client


One company saw my app and they were interested if I could create app for them. I said that I will think about it. Before I accept their offer I have to ask for more experienced Adalo users, what is the best way to sell the app?

I mean I could publish the app for them and ask one time money but I guess they want the rights for the app so only thing what I can do is to create new Adalo account with the app data for them, right?

The second option which I have is to sell them monthly payment so I update their app and do all the work and they just pay every month for me, is that clever?

Also if I create the app for them, the app has potential to be sold for another companies too so is there any problem for publishing apps to appstore with same content but different company names? Or should I create one app that way many companies can register and work that way?

Because the app is about shift workers and their calendars so I think the easiest way is just to create one time and then clone for different companies?

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