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Hi everyone. I’m doing an app for food dilivery. The problem is that the customer needs the order in the app to be sent as a push-notification to the cafe’s account in the app for preparation and dilivery. I dont understand how to do it. Please help and explain. Opologize for my English. Thanks!

Have you checked Adalo’s documentation?

They have a guide for this: Trigger Push Notifications - Adalo Resources

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First you have to set a “request notification permission”, which must be accepted by users (I suggest you insert this function in the splash or home of your app). after that, you will have to use the notification generator, entering the values as you wish. A little tip, notifications are created only if the user is logged in (if the notification starts after pressing a button, whoever presses the button must be logged in)

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I wouldn’t rely on notifications alone to take the user to the ‘detail’ screen.
There have been reports of inconsistent delivery of notifications, and if that element of the Adalo stack goes down, then your restaurants have no backup. Also, a change in their device settings could leave you with a break in the chain.

I would suggest having new orders as a prominent list on the first screen that loads for the cafe / restaurants. Make it autoload any new records. This goes someway to building redundancy into your system.

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