Send an image to Instagram though Zapier

Hi all

I’ve set up the zapier link between Adalo and Instagram but I can’t seem to see where in the message that’s passed where the actual image data is. Am I missing something? The image is in the record and I can pass other fields but the image field says “no data”

Hi, I just went into a similar issue. Did you solve this already and if yes, how?


Haven’t yet. Need to get to it this week tho. As soon as I do I’ll post something.

I am facing similar problems.
Instagram didnt work atall.
facebook text posts seem to work.
when i use the publish photo it says the photo is not jpg which is and it syas its too heavy but its only 300k…
please help…

Where are you getting the image data from? When a new record is created? Or are you using a webhook in Zapier and custom action to send that data to zapier?