Send Image to dekstop (script)

Hi guys,

I want to create a script to recuperate the images and some text information that I receive in my DB to send it in my Desktop.

So I’m searching informations to resolve it :slight_smile: ! Does somebody knows how to do that or know where I can find documentation to talk about it ? Can I add it on Adalo website or not ?,…

Sample :

User X β†’ car.jpg β†’ DB β†’ Dekstop
User Y β†’ cat.jpg β†’ DB β†’ Dekstop
User Z β†’ bit.jpg β†’ DB β†’ Dekstop

(Is it in Php / Java / Python ? and how to know which image belongs to wich user)

Thanks !
Have a brightly day :))

A simple way would be Integromat to add the file to Dropbox or Google Drive.

User adds image to Adalo β†’ custom action to integromat β†’ Integromat β€˜upload a file’ to Dropbox

You can have Dropbox or Drive on your Desktop set up as folders.