Send QR code to user via SMS?

Is it somehow possible to send a qr code to someone in an SMS? I have an integration to send SMS working, and would like to send QR codes with the text messages. Like save the QR code as image and send the url for that image.

Hi @Eccles,

In my opinion you will need to use some 3rd party integration service for this (like Make). The scenario may look like:

  • webhook which gets the data from Adalo
  • QR code generator (e.g. HTTP call to API)
  • Image downloard
  • Image save to some storage
  • URL shortener service (like
  • Sending SMS with the link.

However, I would think about the whole user flow scenario. When a user receives an SMS with a QR, what should they do with this QR code? It’s on the phone already so a user can’t scan it with the camera :slight_smile:


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