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Hi! I´m a new Adalo:er. Been using Bubble alot and moved to Adalo because of the Mobile first approach better suits me.

I´m curious about how I can implement a print option. Need to print info on screen or receipts etc.
Is that possible to do?
I have checked out Zapier and Google Cloud print, but as I understand Google CLoud Print will be discontinued.

Anyone have solved printing yet?


Did you solve it?

No we still don’t have this ability.

This could be an option

Thanks, yes. But Google Cloud Print will be closed. Hopefully there are alternatives. Will check that out.

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Hello. I have a solution, maybe works for you too.
I’m using to create a PDF document using Zapier, then I upload that document to Google Drive and send the link to my Adalo App, when you click on the link it opens the PDF File and you can print it using the iPhone Print option.


Thanks! I will look into that. :+1: