SendGrid multiple lines

I’ve setup SendGrid with custom action.
I need a text input (for the user to send me an email) with multiple lines for the object.
But I guess the Json doesn’t work with multiple lines.

How the transform the multiple lines in one line for Json (adding some extra “” or ) ?

In the Adalo tuto, it looks like multiple lines:
Adalo Custom Actions Tutorial - SendGrid Email - YouTube


I didn’t try but I suggested before using url encode component, and then decode at the other end. I guess you probably can’t decode on sendgrid so might need zapier or similar to decode.

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I think Nathan’s suggestion is working! : API request data from text input with line break - #4 by basssab ( Send Multiple Lines - Part 1.mp4 on Vimeo )

var text = `text input`;
var encoded_text = encodeURI(text);
return encoded_text;

( replace the text input with your input component.)

But I think like Nathan said if you do this with Sendgrid there is no way to decode it. But here’s a great way you can do this! No Encode,Decode and it’s with a simple js script!

Here’s a video : Send Multiple Lines - Part 2.mp4 on Vimeo

And the JS :

var text = `text input`;
var modified_text = text.split('\n').join('\\n');
return modified_text;

( add your input in the text input area. )

Information for Download Arbitrary JavaScript Component! : PragmaFlow's Adalo Marketplace Reopened - YouTube

Pragmaflow Website :

Component you need :


Thank you


Just PERFECT !!!

Tank you so much

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