Slack Webhook JSON format problem

First time trying to use custom actions. My Sendgrid didn’t work, so I figured that sending a message to Slack might be an easier path to success. JSON formatting is Greek to me. Would appreciate if someone could help me with this…

I’ve set up a custom action to send a message to a Slack channel when my user clicks Submit in my Adalo app. I’ve figured out how to send one variable/parameter, but not multiple. When I add multiple magic text variables in the custom action builder, only one gets sent when I run the test.

Here’s my setup:

@tdhi Without checking the API details or testing myself:
It looks like you are overwriting text multiple times. text should only appear once.
Try to put your Magic Text into one string - something like:
“text” : " Sender Email Name, Address Recipient Email "

Thanks @karimoo! That worked

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