Custom action with line breaks

I’m trying to send JSON to Sendgrid via Custom Action. This thread discusses the same thing but doesn’t look like a resolution Custom Action Error.

If I have a line break, Adalo doesn’t even make the API call. I tried sending to Integromat/Make to replace “newline” with \n or \r\n. I can see Make send back the text as a single line with \r\n in it, but I think Adalo is adding back in the newline because it still doesn’t make the API call and the Collection field shows multiple lines rather than the \r\n.

Does anyone know how to use a custom action to send text with line breaks?

Hi @paulh,

If you’re fine using Make, I’d suggest calling a webhook → pass some unique ID of the record in Adalo DB → get this record in Make → use SendGrid.

I didn’t succeed in sending complex data using custom actions in Adalo directly - always had to fetch the data from Adalo DB using some external tool.


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Thanks Victor. Yes, I was trying to do it it all in Adalo, I already have a bunch of scenarios in Make and trying to reduce my reliance on external platforms - the costs keep adding up! :slight_smile:

I can do it using HTML format, but then I have other issues displaying it how I want in Adalo, but I think that’s the lessor of two evils…

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By the way, for email purposes I use templates (I use SendInBlue, but I believe SendGrid has similar functionality).
It helps a lot - instead of creating all the text and formatting in Adalo custom actions, I just pass the params required.

Not sure this is helpful in your case - just sharing a hint :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks, Yep, aware of templates - I use templates in other actions. But at least for Sendgrid, I find the custom action is just as difficult either way; both require a correctly structured JSON that is pretty similar whether you use template or not.

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@Victor While you’re here… Do you know of a way I could select all toggles in a list (of users)? The Multiselect drop down component has issues (like no formatting, is transparent and I think someone mentioned it wasn’t working properly). Is there a method you know where a user can turn all toggles in a list on or off?

I think only way would be a countdown timer, which I’m trying to avoid in this case…


Hi @paulh,

Could you please clarify a bit what do you mean?
Would you like to set some True/False property to a certain state, for several (all) items in the list? If yes - what’s the list size?


Yes - for the email that is sent, I want a user to pick which list of users to send the email. But with an option of selecting all.

So basically, a list of all users with a toggle to select users but also a way to select all users with one button press.

The multi select dropdown component might do the trick (I had to use it on a modal because you can’t style it at all), but I haven’t tested in a native app yet (and someone in a previous post said it didn’t work).

Hope that makes sense. Thanks

So just tested and the Multi-select dropdown component doesn’t work in my iOS app… :frowning:

Hi @paulh,

Unfortunately I can’t imagine an easy way to do it. I’ve created a sample test app using countdown approach - and as it works for “demo” purposes, I am 99,99% sure this will be unusable in a production environment.

When using M2M relationships, everything is sloooow (as timers try to update many relationships for a single record). When a junction table (icons + visibility / lists), everything is also slooooow (as timers try to create multiple records at once).
Spent several hours tried to make it look decent (with an idea of making a video) - no luck; the speed is unacceptable even for 10 records.

So I guess the viable option will be having a button “send to all” which calls a separate custom action/integromat scenario, which in turn either sends the info to an “all-users” mailing list, or does the send-to-all logic in a workflow.

These are the limitation of “product list → product detail” Adalo approach - we don’t have any efficient “collection-wide” instruments to use…

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks Victor. Yeah I’m just not doing individual emails in the app for a while now anyway.

But I am using the countdown timer for sending emails to all users (list of all users with timer with custom action to send a (HTML) sendgrid email). I’ve only tested with a few users at once, but are you saying this will have issues at scale? Like 100 users?