Sending a sequence of emails with sendgrid

I want that when a user signs up they get a sequence of onboarding emails over the next few weeks.

  1. User signs up
  2. Custom action: sendgrid
  3. Sendgrid schedule sends a sequence of emails over the next 5 weeks to this user. The body of those emails is the same for all users who sign up. Only custom field is adding the name of the user.

I saw Ben’s SendGrid tutorial but I’m not able to create a sequence of emails that just has the user’s first name and the rest of the email is a standard design template of emails.

Does anyone know how to do this?

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@axme this might be helpful.

Thanks @bhanu
The problem is how do I get the contacts to join the automation? Because the only way I see I can add contacts is by CSV import or manually. Is there an automatic way that when someone signs up, that email gets added to a specific list on sendgrid? (I have different apps so I need that they go to their specific list)

@axme if you use integromat, you can add a new contact to your existing lists.

So, from Adalo, everytime a new user is created, trigger a custom action via integromat to send the new user details to add to your list in SenGrid. And from there, SendGrid should take care of it.


Thank you so much @bhanu! do you know how to trigger the custom action with integromat? The youtube tutorial here is not using custom actions…

@axme This youtube tutorial might be helpful.

You’ll need to trigger a webhook to integromat and send the users details, once you receive the data, connect to sendgrid marketing API to update your list.

Hope it helps, thanks


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