Has anybody succeeded in sending verification email to new signup


I started to follow this documentation: https://help.adalo.com/integrations/integromat/send-verification-email-to-new-sign-ups, but Integromat was rebranded into Make.com, which means the automation template does not work anymore and the documentation is not updated.

Has anybody succeeded in sending verification email to new signups please?

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Hey there @gary

I can make a tutorial for you on this subject. I just had to set this up for a new app. This will be a great 1 for my youtube channel.


Hi @gary,

Just adding some.

With Intergromat :

With Sendgrid :

With Adastacks :

Thank you


Awesome thank you guys!

I’ll still make the tutorial video as this video is still using Integromat.

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Thanks a lot ! Looking forward to watching it :slight_smile:

There’s also a video on YouTube with a tutorial on how to do it with Sendgrid. It works!

This one? [ADALO TUTORIAL] - Email verification with SendGrid - YouTube

Hello Adaloniens,

We are preparing a series of how to set up different features using Abracadalo APIs, our first video will be available very soon and will be about verification codes.

In the meantime, below you can find a quick explanation about how to set up verification code via sms and email.

For this we will use the Random API and the Notification API.

  1. Add a button to the screen
  2. Create the custom action for Random API ( you can watch our tutorial « Creating an API Request »
  3. Create the custom action for the Notifications API (you can watch our tutorial «[Notification API](Notification API Tutorial Notification API Tutorial - YouTube) »
    3.1. Go to the Abracadalo Dashboard under Email template and create your verification email template
  4. In the custom action of the Notification API under the input of the « verification code » variable select as magic text the results of the Random API
  5. Add to the screen a text box
  6. Add a link action and update logged in user action (in order to switch to true the boolean « Verified user?)
  7. Set the conditions in order to trigger the last 2 actions if the « text box field » = the result of the Random API ( you can also save the results of the random api in the user collection)

We hope that this will help you achieve your goal with ease!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!


Tutorial posted yall :tada:


That’s exactly the one. I have used it and it works just fine.

I did make some modifications to it to fit my needs. For example, the “type”: I changed it to “text/html”. That way, in “value” I can have actual HTML to customise the email body to my liking.

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Awesome! Really cool video, I really liked the beginning :slight_smile: And the tuto was really clear, it works perfectly on my app!!

Thanks again you rock!

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Hi ali,
I just followed the tutorial yesterday. I used mailgun instead of sendgrid because I already paid for it. It works just fine and was easy to use as smtp services go. I am able to send code and receive it in email. The problem for is that the visibility is working backward on the verify page. I get to the page and the verify button is there as if the code was enter but the input field is empty. If enter the code the button goes away, Any ideas here? It feels l like that even thought code is getting sent to email it is not getting to where it can be verified therefore it is sending empty which would make the true from the visibility activate therefore exposing the button. Am I on the right track? if so what am I missing?